The Byers-Evans House Museum

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The Byers-Evans House Museum

Posted on November 16, 2019

Denver, Colorado is sometimes a neglected big city. The history of Denver is rich. This town was once a thriving frontier that saw the silver rush, mining industry and train travel make their way through it. Denver was once a ton that thrived on a society’s elite that easily rivaled those of Boston or New York City.

In addition to the mining and train industry, Denver was also known for its journalistic growth too. The Rocky Mountain News was a widely read and well regarded newspaper in Denver in years gone past. The Byers-Evans House is linked to that newspaper. Let us take a closer look at that link.


The Byers–Evans house was constructed by William Byers in 1883, He was the founder of the newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News. Howver Byers only lived here for a short time, the home was then sold in 1889 to a Mr. William Gray Evans. The Italianate style house has had several amendments and additions added to it over the years. Evans four children, Josephine, John, Margaret and Katharine lived in the home with his wife Cornelia Lunt Gray. Former first lady of Colorado and William’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Patten Gray Evans moved into the expanded home in around 1900 with her daughter, Anne Evans. The home was continually occupied by members of the Evans family up until 1981.

At that point the Byers-Evans house was donated to the Colorado Historical Society, notably along with the contents of the house. The house has since been restored to reflect the 1912–1924 time period and it includes approximately 90% of the home’s original furniture, glassware, china, and other household items that belonged to the Evans family.

The Byers-Evans House Today

The Byers–Evans House is a historic home, which is located in Denver, Colorado. There were two notable families that lived in the house, which was built in 1883 by William Byers. The home was then later purchased by William Gray Evans in 1889. Members of the Evans family continued to live in the Byers-Evans House right up until 1981. In 1981 the home was given to the Colorado Historical Society. The house was eventually restored to reflect the time period between 1912 – 1924.

When you take a tour of the Byers-Evans House Museum, you will be able to view approximately 90% of the house’s original furnishings, as well as many other items that were in the house that dated back to the restoration dates. You will see that there are beautiful polished wood finishes, intricately designed mantles, and patterned wallpaper. Keep in mind though, that The Byers–Evans House Museum may only be viewed on a guided tour. The Museum also features The Gallery. The Gallery is known to show interesting displays that showcase the life and times of Denver as it was about 100 years ago. It also showcases the families that lived in the Byers-Evans house. The Gallery exhibitions are changed every so often, so be sure to check them out frequently.

Stop by the museum gift store on the way out and make sure that you choose a souvenir from a good selection of jewelry, pottery, art, American-Indian art, blown glass, and books about Denver and other areas surrounding Colorado. These items are all reflective of the life, times and materials that are found in Denver, Colorado.

An external view of the Huanted Byers Evans Mansion, Denver Colorado

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The Byers-Evans House And Women

The Center for Colorado Women’s History is an important part of the Museum these days. The center has a focus on research, tours, lectures, scholarship, tours and mounts exhibits that promote the reputation and knowledge of the history of women in Colorado by expanding the comprehension and collective memory of their actions and contribution. The Center connects Denver centric stories about women to the broader stories of women’s history worldwide. Home to inspiring women since 1883 the Byers-Evans House has been beautifully restored to reflect the look and feel of the era of 1912-1924 replete with the belongings of the Evans family. Guided tours will connect the impact of the Beyers and Evans families on early Denver with the many women who lived and worked in the home.

More About The Center For Colorado Women’s History At The Museum

This is the first museum in Colorado that has a specific focus on achievements of Colorado women. The Center is designed to be an open and inviting space for dialogue and questioning. Recent exhibitions include a global focus on Bold Women that have changed history, There is a book club that discusses women’s literature. The Center hopes that it will generate much new knowledge and understanding of women’s role in Denver history and the history of Women’s struggle throughout the world.

There is a focus on reflecting Colorado’s diverse audiences. It is hoped that people can share and collect the stories of the lives of all women in Colorado, and amplify those stories of all the women who work within Colorado communities.

An interior room, decorated in the old fashioned style of stately Denver mansions

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How Is The Byers-Evans House Museum Haunted?

This beautiful home was once home to two of Denver’s most prominent families, the Beyers family and the Evans family. The Byers-Evans House is now a beautifully restored museum that gives you a nice look into life in the early 1900s, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to meet the former residents.

While Beyers-Evans Museum staff do not like to publicly discuss the home’s reputation as a haunted mansion, they have long been witness to several mysterious phenomena that happen in this very historic building. Phantom voices are said to be heard as well as doors opening and closing all on their own. Some staff have even reported seeing full-body apparitions floating around the Byers-Evans House Museum.

Other Points Of Interest

Denver, Colorado is a really interesting city to visit. It certainly has plenty to offer. You can find great sporting events, museums and cultural events. There are many artistic shows and shops and plenty of restaurants.

The landscape of Denver is unique and beautiful as well. If you visit the area you will enjoy the mountain views, which also have some great skiing.

However, if you visit Denver, Colorado be sure to check out some of the haunted, historical sites that are scattered throughout the city. In fact, Denver International Airport will be the first historic and haunted site you encounter when you fly in to the city. Then you can check into some of the majestic, and haunted hotels that fill the city.


A trip to Denver, Colorado is an interesting way to step back in time when the train industry was booming along with silver mining. And no town would be complete without a newspaper. The Rocky Mountain News was a newspaper started by Byers and it served the Denver area. He built his home in 1883 and he lived there until he sold it to Evans and his family in 1889. The Evans family lived there continually until 1981.

Today, The Byers-Evans House Museum serves an important purpose. It is an important tool for viewing life in the 1900’s. It has also become an integral part of highlighting the contributions of women in Colorado’s rich history. The Museum serves as a space that highlights these important contributions and records them.

If you do visit The Byers-Evans House Museum, don’t be surprised if you witness some ghostly residents. There is a pretty good chance that you might hear some phantom voices or witness doors that open and close on their own. Enjoy this historic, and haunting, trip.



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