Use Lily to ward off other ghosts and ghouls around Halloween. Put Lily on a porch, hang her on a door, put her on a shelf. Don’t put Lily in a room where you sleep! A Halloween Season Tradition. Order now! Make Lily move around and appear in a different place for others to find each morning


Historians have tracked Lily’s background to the early 1600s, unearthing reports of occult practices, pagan rituals, and warding rights imported from Europe by the Dutch Colonists of Lower Manhattan. Handmade figurines like Lily were left out to frighten off local spirits and new world ghosts, an archaic custom dating back to the Vikings and the Romans. The conquers of foreign lands brought with them a piece of their folklore as protection. The original Lily was delivered to a paranormal research group from its owner, who stated: “I found her outside my door one morning, with a note that said to not put her by mirrors or in the same room I sleep in. I gave her a flashlight so she could drain the batteries, but instead she made my lights flicker at night. My cat would not go near her, and my dog would just stare. At times I would be woken up from a dead sleep smelling burnt toast, or sometimes a sweet fruity smell. Her favorite color is red. That is all I know.”

Lily Sits In A Chair
Lily Peeks Over Edge
Lily Sits At The Top of the Stairs

Upon further research, the doll was crafted to mimic the infamous Elizabeth Bàthory de Eased, and in doing so, the tradition stated she contains part of the Countess’ menace. Báthory was a noblewoman condemned in the 1600s for killing over 650 people, and is referred to as the ‘Blood Countess’ and ‘Countess Dracula’.

Lily is a limited-edition doll reproduced alongside the original Lily. She’s the best option to spice up the spirit of Halloween season in your home, and the perfect gift for any person or family, as she can both protect, and haunt! Bring Lily home and experience the supernatural first hand… If you dare!


You’ve stumbled onto Lily’s official page for ideas and games, we have lots of ideas for things to do with Lily.

  • This is the place to discover all the creepy things Lily can do. Updated seasonally with the best Ghoul on a Porch pictures, tips, and tricks. We’ll see what people are doing with their Lily.
  • Let Lily inspire you, protect you and even scare you during the time of ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.
  • Before you and Lily start creating new spooky traditions, be sure to read these Lily safety warnings. Remember, Lily is a powerful being, she’s haunted and mischievous, and there are rules that everyone needs to respect and take to heart.
  • During the season of the witch, in the scariest and most spooky, fun-filled month of the year, invite Lily into your home - your Ghoul On A Porch will keep trouble away, and only cause a little bit herself.



Make a carriage for Lily from a spare pumpkin


Make Lily be the thing they see through your letterbox


Put Lily in places you where you wake up – Lily is a morning ghost!


Make Lily move around and appear in a different place for others to find each morning


Add Lily to a door wreath, she is surprisingly stealthy!


Put Lily inside a Pumpkin, illuminated, she makes quite the fright


Put Lily near a night light, say goodbye to sleepiness when you spot her!


Lily works just as well on a ceiling


Opening a cupboard to see Lily is a fun surprise


A surprise appearance on a bookshelf is sure to catch someone unaware

Lily sits in a chair, facing away


Lily isn’t just a doll. She’s a supernatural effigy and powerful magic charm crafted to keep away the forces of darkness and stop malicious entities coming into your home. Lily and her kind have been used for centuries as a way to stop ill omens and counteract the wicked intentions of others. She is an effective totem and amulet to combat evil and as such should be treated with a bit of respect. Let Lily inspire you, protect you and even scare you during the time of ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.


  • Each Lily is different. They each have their own temper and tastes. They each have their own personalities. Once you get to know your own Lily you have to treat her with the respect she deserves.
  • Lily - Ghoul On A Porch, also likes to have fun. Warding off ghosts is hard work. She likes to hear music, and feel included, she likes to participate.
  • Like the Countess she was named after, Elizabeth Bàthory de Eased, Lily loves the spotlight. She likes to be at the center of things. Take photos with your Lily, post them to your social networks.
  • During Halloween, when the nights become long and frightening, Lily likes to come out and play. Take your Lily out with you. Not just on the porch next to your pumpkin, take your Lily in the car, around town, shopping and even to the movies!
  • Children should always be under adult supervision when interacting with Lily.
  • Lily: Host a Ghost haunted doll was made to protect your home during Halloween. Each night take Lily out and let her guard your front door. She likes to sit next to your pumpkin and let her protect your house.
  • We recommend keeping Lily locked up for the rest of the year, only take her out during October. A Ghoul On A Porch tends to get bored when they aren’t scaring off fiends and other ghosts. Remember, Lily was named after a vampire she’s not a force to be trifled with.