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Welcome to Denver's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

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The savory craft beer of the Mile High City is as cold as the chills from the spirits that still call Denver home. Sip on signature cocktails while learning what lurks in the shadows of “Millionaires Row”, and what really keeps the air chilled in Capitol Hill. Join Denver Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for an adults-only trip to a side of the city known for its nightly spirits of both the boozy and spooky kind.


Discover Denver's Most Haunted Places:

Dunning Benedict House

Dunning Benedict House

Much like the fortress facade of this stately mansion, the ghosts of its former residents are refusing to leave their post, guarding their respective floors of the home for all eternity. The ghost of one of the home’s owners, Walter Cheesman, is trapped here on earth, unable to move on, forever haunted by the restless ghosts of the nearby park that bears his name. The home is haunted by a variety of other poltergeists, from disturbing devils to mischievous tricksters to a shadowy couple who stand guard on the upper floors.

Croke Patterson Campbell House

Croke-Patterson-Campbell House

Croke-Patterson-Campbell House is supremely haunted — even upon being built, the person for whom the house was built, Dr. Croke, escaped, saying that it was too chilling for his liking. As the home gained residents over the years, it only became more possessed...each addition bringing a new layer of evil. After the grand mansion was turned into apartments, problems began with the departure of Dr. Sudan, who owned the home for several years. Ghosts in the home were seemingly attached to the doctor and rebelled following his absence. Others, over the years, have taken possession of children and harassed construction workers.

Peabody Whitehead Mansion

Peabody-Whitehead Mansion

One of the most haunted homes in Denver, the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion has hosted many failed businesses that couldn’t get past ghost interference. William Whitehead, the original owner, spoke of seeing the ghosts of the soldiers he lost moving about the house as he headed to the grave. The mansion has been visited by two paranormal teams, once in the 1970s and another in 2010, who confirmed the identities of several of the homes’ ghosts, including a young woman awaiting her runaway groom, a poltergeist who likes to play with the chandeliers, and a basement full of unspeakable horrors. Visit if you dare!

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13 Apr 2024

Jeremy Jenkin

Max was a great and knowledgeable guide. She took us to some interesting houses with some fascinating stories and some cool bars. Would be ... Read More

10 Apr 2024

Christine Mikes

Fun and really interesting tour for tourists and locals alike. The guide was full of good stories and facts about the locations. We had a gr ... Read More

07 Apr 2024

Tommy Frederick

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07 Apr 2024


Welcome to
Denver's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

Welcome to
Denver's #1 Rated Haunted Pub Crawl

One of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhoods also happens to be one of the city’s oldest. In Capitol Hill, the only thing that rivals the thriving arts and culture scene are the entities that walk amongst the living, not ready to relinquish their territory. And you’re about to meet them all tonight. Grab a drink (or three!) and prepare for a spicy trip down horror lane to uncover Denver’s notoriously haunted neighborhood that should come with a two-drink minimum.


Denver is a nature-lovers paradise, boasting beautiful scenery unique to the base of the Rocky Mountains. But don’t let these picturesque sights fool you – Denver has its own set of horror-filled tales that make it easy to see how the city became a leader in “good vibes.”


Our adults-only haunted pub crawl is a perfect mixer of good times, good drinks, and chillingly good stories. Explore one of America’s most haunted neighborhoods while enjoying a nice glass of liquid courage in the form of a Hibiscus Punch Fizzy that Bang Up To The Elephant is known for. Every haunted building is creepier than the last, but don’t worry – we take breaks at Denver’s best watering holes to help you refuel for the next.      


Get a sitter for the kids, grab your favorite bar-hopping buddy, and prepare for a racy night of chills and thrills with the best spirits and Spirits that Denver’s possessed Millionaire Row has to offer. 


Why Choose Denver Terrors Haunted Pub Crawl


Denver Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl is designed to help you escape the mundane and keep you entertained with spooky stories and signature drinks to help you get through them. Whether you’re an expert in the otherworldly or just looking for a fun, laid-back way to enjoy the crisp Denver air, our haunted pub crawl is the perfect way to make your night an unforgettable one.


Here are a few more reasons to book your haunted pub crawl in Denver today!


  • You want to experience a different kind of high 
  • You want to see what it meant to live like a millionaire in the 1800s
  • You took the kids skiing, and now you’re ready for some adult time
  • You want to try The John Denver signature cocktail in the Rocky Mountains but want to add some spice to it
  • You’re done with the kid activities. It’s time for a thrilling, adults-only date night!
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