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The fresh Rocky Mountain air and the promise of treasure waiting below the earth’s surface has attracted many to the mile-high city over the years, but greed can lead men to do terrible things. The rush for gold and power has been shown to corrode the soul, oftentimes trapping them in that state for eternity.

Denver feels a long way from the hectic life of either coast, it has a very relaxed vibe, maybe because the air is thinner or maybe the cold slows things down. Known for craft breweries, outdoor activities and legal marijuana, Denver has a hidden, and more terrifying past that lies beneath its notorious crumbling and undulating sidewalks.

Our Denver Ghost Tour Digs Deep

As you walk through Cap Hill, we will share more about the historical neighborhood in the heart of Denver. Home to the impressive Capitol building, somewhere in which lurks the preserved heads of a gang of outlaws brought to rough frontier justice back in the Early 20th Century! Join our tour to hear the full story.

Our passionate and knowledgeable guides will also relate the tale of Molly Brown, who rose in Denver Society with her silver mine owning husband, the elegant and conservative mansion we will pass on Millionaires Row has seen several hauntings, including Molly Brown herself. Join the tour to hear her tragic story.

Experience Denver’s Terrifying Past

Despite Denver’s sunny and warm reputation, do not be surprised if you feel a chill during your tour. Each location is guaranteed to make you think twice about turning off your lights at night.

We aren’t taking you to the same old tourist locations. Our carefully curated progression of locations delivers the most compelling historical ghost stories that will satisfy your interest in the past while revealing some difficult truths about the present.

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Denver is a world apart from the hustle of the coasts, here’s how you can help keep it polite up here:

  • Remain calm.

    Ghosts in Denver are generally pretty calm, they appreciate ghost hunters with a sympathetic outlook.

  • Be polite.

    People in Denver have a reputation for being friendly, in a standoffish way. This is exactly how the spirits prefer it to!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    We try not to make the afterlives of our ghosts any harder, they have suffered plenty already, we appreciate your efforts in the same vain.

  • Stay together.

    Capitol Hill is not a dangerous place, but do stay alert, we haven’t lost any guests yet and are keen to keep it that way.

  • Watch your step.

    It gets cold up in the Mile-High City, so watch out for the occasional slippery sidewalk, we have plenty of ghost stories, and don’t need to add any more.

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March 30, 2020

Our guide really knew how to tell a story! She had us hanging on every word! A+ tour, A++ guide!
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Helyn Tracy

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March 30, 2020

Our group had a lot of fun on this tour. It wasn't as expensive as other tours in the area but still...
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