Welcome to the Mile High city of Denver. Where the fresh mountain air has healed many a body, but the treasures deep within the beasts have tainted their souls.

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Denver Ghost Tours dive deep into the haunted history at the heart of the city’s oldest neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Our stories take you on a journey back to a time of wealth, luxury, and deceit. This collection of stories will unearth the dark secrets that are the foundation on which this beautiful city was built.

Status, Scandal, and Survival

A cold creeps through Denver and it isn’t the snow on the mountains. At the heart of the city lies the deceptive neighborhood of Capitol Hill that started it all. What has seemed to many to be a misguided area of the city, Cap Hill holds in it the heart, soul, and spirits of Denver. Long home to the hard working, backbone citizens that built this country, this area was soon taken over by the wealthy and elite and transformed into what was known as Millionaire’s Row. Take a trip back to a time when this neighborhood was alive with music, art, and scandal. Visit the great mansions of greedy politicians and cutthroat journalists that now house the spirits of dismembered heads, suicidal dogs, and tortured infants. See the home of the famous Titanic survivor, Molly Brown, and possibly get a glance of her face watching you in the window. As you gaze upon the beautiful, hundred year old structures, you will be engrossed with tales of terror and come to wonder how many more secrets the mile high city has left to hide.

The Denver Paranormal

The question that lies at the heart of our tour is this: What is it that traps a spirit to this realm? Is it unfinished business? Revenge? Are they afraid that death may not be as glamorous as life? Or is it just something about the Rocky Mountain air? Whatever it is, the city of Denver, and in particular, the neighborhood of Millionaire’s Row has bound many a soul to it for all of eternity. As you gaze upon the beautiful mansions of the late 19th century, immerse yourself in their haunting tales of scandalous affairs, mutilated corpses, and suicidal brides. Our tour will take you through a history of nefarious activities committed by Denver’s wealthy and elite that refuses to remain buried no matter how much its citizens try to cover it up. As the city looks to move towards the future and ignore its dark roots, it can’t shake its attraction to the dead. With some of our ghosts being younger than thirty years, Denver is proof that spirits aren’t just the stories of the past.


So I have been on multiple ghost tours in the Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA area but this one was the BEST by far. Our guide, Janet DeRuvo, was extremely knowledgeable and gave us amazing information. The tour felt historic and factual rather than gimmicky. That made it even spookier. I highly recommend taking this tour!

— Anonymous

Tour Info

Our Denver Ghost Tour takes you through 8-13 different sites around the Capitol Hill area, each one with it’s own colorful past. Meet your experienced tour guide outside of the Colorado State Capitol at 200 E Colfax at least 15 minutes before your tour’s scheduled departure time. The standard tour takes about an hour, and takes you through several landmark locations in the area. If you select the extended tour, you will get another 30 minutes of chilling stories and historical locations!
The Denver Ghost Tour walking route is a great way to see the amazing sites of Denver’s Capitol Hill while also getting your fill of the ghostly atmosphere of the city’s most haunted locations. This tour is perfect for first time visitors to Denver, and seasoned locals alike!
Our Denver Ghost Tour is a family-friendly attraction and it is suitable for everyone, so bring your kids, friends, or a date! We’ll make sure that you have an informative, memorable, and slightly terrifying night, all starting out at $12. Keep in mind that tours fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early through our website, or contact us at (303) 210-4390.


Tours begin outside of the Colorado State Capitol Building at 200 E Colfax Denver, CO. Tours are held rain or shine. Please note that we do not go inside the buildings, and we do not meet inside. However, you are more than welcome to tour the public locations at your leisure after the tour has ended.


1.1 miles


The tour is around 1 hour long, and is 1.1 miles long. If you choose the extended tour, you will get roughly 30 minutes and an additional 0.5 miles after the first tour ends.


Tickets for our Denver Ghost Tours must be purchased in advance, and can be found right here on our website. We will have your name on a roster, so no need to print anything out! Bring your ID and show up ready to start the tour!
Adult tickets are $19; children under 12 $12; and children under 6 are free. The extended tour costs an additional per person.
You must attend the tour for the date and time of your purchase. Ghost tours are held rain or shine. Rescheduling may be done upon prior approval, and is subject to a rescheduling fee.


Parking is available at nearby parking garages and lots. Please check your tour time and meeting location in advance so that you may arrive on time. We recommend arriving early to find parking and to ensure that you are not late.

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Pepi Armstrong

Review Rating
December 08, 2019

Denver Terrors is a really great tour company. They made us feel like family. We had a small hiccup which they fixed right away. Thanks!!
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Review Rating
December 03, 2019

So I have been on multiple ghost tours in the Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA area but this one was the BEST by far.
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Desiri Gearalt

Review Rating
October 14, 2019

I was looking for something different to do with my family that would be the best bang for the buck and I am so glad I took this tour!
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Katharina Bondon

Review Rating
October 12, 2019

We were not disappointed, this is the best ghost tour I have ever been on!
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